Martin’s novel, “Love Quest”, is republished ….

Love Quest cover mediumHi, friends and readers:

Nearly four years ago, Noble Romance Publishing released my novel titled Love Quest. It’s a gritty tale, and the book sold quite well. But this summer, Noble Romance closed its doors after a management shakeup didn’t work out. It’s too bad; I liked the folks at Noble Romance, but that’s the publishing business.

In recent weeks, I have revised the original manuscript for Love Quest, and yesterday I republished the book through Amazon’s Createspace program. That’s the new cover you see to the left.

Here’s the blurb for Love Quest:

“Eighteen year old Jamie Bliss ages out of the foster care system, a victim of repeated sexual abuses. After hustling tricks and living on the street for a time, Jamie enters into a pair of abusive relationships before meeting Evan and Frederick, a gay couple who become Jamie’s mentors. Can they help Jamie overcome his destructive past? His low self esteem? And when Evan introduces Jamie to Evan’s colleague, Jack, a young school teacher who pursues Jamie’s affection, can Jamie open his heart to Jack? Despite the bad cards life has dealt Jamie, is he still capable of love?”

Here’s a buy link if you want to purchase a print version of the book:

And here’s a link if you want to buy the digital version for your Kindle e-reader:

There’s a bit of me in Jamie Bliss, and a bit of a few other young men I’ve known in my days. Look, life isn’t pretty, and we all aren’t born into comfortable, middle class homes with stable, loving parents. But the lesson of Love Quest is this: no matter what situation you’re handed as a kid, you can change direction to become the person you want to be as an adult. You are not a prisoner of your past.

I’m very proud of this book. It’s not for the squeamish — the story’s not sugar-coated — but it carries a message I believe many people need to hear.

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