More “lover boys” photos; nice golf outing for Martin ….

lover boys #21Hi, friends and readers:

As promised, I am posting more photos of “lover boys” tonight. I really like the photo to the left. I know its’ hazy and the lighting’s not too great, but you can tell the two young men are very much in love. Something tells me the photo was taken somewhere in Europe, but I have no idea where. Smooch away, boys ….

I had a great golf outing today; I shot one of my best scores ever, and the weather wasn’t too warm. I think I am finally beginning to perfect my swing that will ultimately work for me, both my long and short game.

It’s a pretty night, here on the island. The temperature is cooling and a nice breeze is blowing. Maybe we’ll walk down to the shore to watch sunset before dinner? Or maybe we’ll visit our timeshare for a dip in the pool?

lover boys #15Someone wrote to me yesterday to ask, “Where exactly in Florida do you live?”

U-m-m-m, without being too specific (I do value my privacy.) I live on a barrier island west of St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s a nice island, especially the part I live in. There’s very little traffic or noise, and my neighbors are all so nice. We don;t have any tall condominiums or apartment buildings, just one and two-story houses, and some date back to the 1920’s. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Okay, everybody, my boyfriend’s home tonight and it’s my turn to cook dinner: fresh fish fillets, mac and cheese, and a salad. So, I’ll wish everyone a wonderful Monday evening, wherever you might be.

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