Hot guys in Speedos. So-so round of golf for Martin ….

speedo at pool #2Hi, friends and readers:

Question: what flatters a young man’s physique more than any other clothing item?

Answer: a Speedo swimsuit.

A Speedo leaves almost nothing to the imagination; it clings in all the right places. But still it’s a socially acceptable swimsuit in public places. How come guys in the U.S. are so skittish about wearing them? I live in a beach community, but you’ll never see American guys in Speedos. It’s all about boardshorts here, and while I like boardshorts, they’re aren’t as sexy as Speedos.

We’re back from a beautiful day on the golf course. All right, my game sucked pretty bad today; things kind of broke down in the middle of our round, for me anyway. I started topping and chunking shots, a bad sign of my lack of concentration.

Hotties in Speedos:  Swimmers, Surfers, Divers, Water Polo Players, Cyclists, Body Builders ...Despite my unfortunate performance, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The course was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I had my beautiful boyfriend as company, so everything was good. We got home about an hour ago, in time to watch sunset down at the shore. Now I am freshly showered and feeling great.

Tom Daley’s “coming out” video has certainly stirred people’s emotions. I guess it’s because Tom is so beautiful, both physically and mentally, and most every woman in the world would love to have him as their boyfriend. Sorry, girls …..

In a little while, my boyfriend and I will dine on leftover chili. Then I think we’ll visit our timeshare down the street for a soak in the hot tub. It’ll feel nice after playing eighteen holes of golf on a demanding course. It’s beautiful here tonight: cool, but still and quite dry. Perfect for hot-tubbing.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.


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