Guys fast asleep. Don’t you think they look sexy?

asleep #2Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of young men fast asleep, whether the photos are color or back-and-white. A guy looks so vulnerable when he’s sleeping; for many young men it’s the only time they put their guard down. And why is that?

I think males, at least in the U.S., are raised to keep their feelings to themselves, and also to be wary of others. Of course, I’m talking about straight males for the most part.

I think gay men are a lot more apt to share their feelings, and to keep an open attitude toward new people they meet.  They aren’t always wondering, “What’s this guy want from me?” And, in a way, I feel sorry for straight guys in this respect. I think many lead lonely and desperate lives. I think many are also very secretive about what goes on inside their heads. Too bad ….

asleep #7It’s been a good day for me. I started with a brisk, three-mile walk on the beach around eight AM. The morning was beautiful: sunny, still and dry. Not many people were on the beach,as it’s a weekday, and also our tourist season hasn’t started yet. The snowbirds come after Christmas, you see. I spent three hours working on a writing project, and then my boyfriend and I shared a pleasant lunch before we left for the YMCA. My workout and lap-swimming felt great, and now we are home.

In about an hour, we’ll take the Element into the city to share our evening with a friend I’ve know since I was in third grade. We’ll drink a few beers and catch up on each other’s lives. Then we’ll visit a restaurant for dinner. It’s always fun, and I’m looking forward to it.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

One thought on “Guys fast asleep. Don’t you think they look sexy?

  1. Yes! Thank you for the great pictures. I agree completely. Nothing is better than a picture of a good looking young guy fast asleep. I agree with you on them being vulnerable and letting their guard down.

    Even a guy who acts full of himself while awake, can look so vulnerable and cute when totally asleep.

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