Beauty in black and white; quiet night at home for Martin ….

black and white beauty #16Hi, friends and readers:

I adore black-and-white photography. The absence of color makes a viewer focus on the photo’s subject, nothing else. In the case of the photo to the left, we must focus on the young man’s beauty, and also on his facial expression, which is curious. Is he unhappy? It certainly seems so, but why?

When I was his age, my physique was similar to his, i. e., skinny. Back then, I didn’t consider my slender body attractive, but thankfully others did. At least I had broad shoulders; they gave me a masculine look. I still have those broad shoulders but at 6’2″, I’m afraid I don’t weigh 160 pounds anymore. 🙁

I’m at home tonight, quite alone, and feeling fine. After I finished my writing project for the day, I took a ten-mile bike ride, here on the island. Then I spent 90 minutes planting winter flowers around the property. They are begonias this year, and I hope they’ll do well.

black and white beauty #17If you follow this website, then you know I live on a small barrier island on Florida’s Gulf coast. The Intracoastal Waterway is about 40 yards from my front door. Every December, our community produces a “lighted boy parade.” People with sailboats and power boats string Christmas lights on their boats, and then they cruise down the Intracoastal for our entertainment. It’s always fun to watch, and tonight I spent a half-hour at the seawall, watching the parade with my neighbors. I’m so lucky to live where I do.

Oh, do you like the photo to the left? Okay, he looks a bit like a fashion model, but I like his facial expression, and he’s not wearing designer clothing. He looks like the kind of guy who knows he’s pretty, but wonders if people like him for anything other than his looks. Pretty boys stew over that question all the time, I can tell you. I’ve known several, intimately, and most aren’t too happy. They suffer from insecurities, just like the rest of us.

Okay, it’s nearly seven PM and I must prepare dinner. So I’ll wish everyone a wonderful Saturday night, and then I’ll cruise to the kitchen. Bye, friends.

3 thoughts on “Beauty in black and white; quiet night at home for Martin ….

  1. No, the boy in the first picture is just still sleepy, i think, look at his hair, he could just been out of bed.
    Yes, i like the b/w too, also the ones with strong shadows.

  2. Really, about pretty boys? I’ve found most “pretty boys” are jerks. I don’t really see insecurity as much as I see arrogance and thoughtlessness because most times people let them away with being a jerk because of their looks.

    • Hi, Jamie:

      I would agree that, on the surface, many “pretty boys” are jerks. And that’s because, as you point out, people cut them too much slack. It’s only when you get to know them more in depth that their insecurities become apparent. Many fear that people like them only for their looks which are transitory. It’s a complicated topic. Thanks for writing.


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