A hot guy spanks his boyfriend. What’s going on here?

spank boy #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’m always coming across curious photos when I cruise the Internet, and I must say the photos I am posting here this morning grabbed my attention the moment I saw them. What’s going on here, anyway? Okay, the guy on the left in the top photo is clearly getting his rear end spanked, but who is the guy administering the punishment? I’m guessing the two are boyfriends. One guy is the dominant partner, the other the submissive partner. I suppose the submissive guy has done something wrong that called for a dose of discipline. His butt looks like it’s on fire, doesn’t it?

spank boyI am also surmising that these photos were taken someplace in Europe. See the parquet flooring and the double doors in the background? I’ve rented apartments in Berlin that look just like that.These two guys are a bit on the hairy side, so I am guessing the photos were taken in France or Italy, and I presume they are stills from a porno video, but who knows? I find them somewhat arousing. Do you?

I slept in late this morning; I was tired and the bed felt so good, especially since I could snuggle with my lovely boyfriend. I skipped my morning walk on the beach. Instead, I got to work on a writing project that I’ve just now completed. This is a 60,000-word anthology of short fiction. Some of the stories I wrote years ago, while others are relatively new. None have ever been published before, and I’m excited about their release.

My boyfriend and I will attend the symphony tonight, a sort of special date, and we have Christmas preparation to tend to beforehand, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Sunday. And watch your manners or you may earn yourself a spanking. 🙂

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