A boyfriend in your bed: the ultimate Christmas gift ….

boyfriend in bed #17Hi, friends and readers:

Are you a single guy? Really? Okay, there’s no excuse for that. We all deserve a boyfriend in our beds when we wake n the morning; it’s part of the joy of living. So, fire up your laptop and visit several “men seeking men” websites. Get in those chat rooms. There are men in your area who’d love to meet you if you’ll only make the effort to contact them. Or you can always visit your local gay bar to see who’s available.

boyfriend in bed #14Look, love doesn’t come to you without effort. You have to get out there and look for it; you have to take a chance now and then. That includes risking rejection; we all get turned down sometimes, even the most beautiful among us.

After we visited the YMCA this afternoon, my boyfriend and I bought our Christmas tree, a chubby eight-foot Fraser fir that will look beautiful in our living when it’s decorated. Right now the tree’s trunk is soaking in a bucket of water on our patio. We’ll probably put it up tomorrow night.

love this time of year, and I hope wherever you are tonight, the Christmas spirit is working its magic with you. Who knows, if you’re extra good this holiday season, maybe Santa will bring you a boyfriend for your bed. 🙂

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