Hanging out in the bedroom. Isn’t that what Sundays are all about?

laptop in bedHi, friends and readers:

If you are lucky enough to have your weekends off from work, then you know what a simple pleasure it is to hang out in your bedroom Sunday morning, just doing whatever you please: reading the newspaper, surfing the Internet, snuggling with your boyfriend (If you have one.), or maybe taking matters into your own hands if you’re feeling horny. Or you can take a nap. Hey, why not? Sunday is your day to do as you please.

boyfriend in bed #4I’ve been busy all morning, working on another writing project, this one an erotic anthology of short fiction. So, I haven’t seen the bedroom since I got up, but that’s okay. Maybe I’ll venture back there after lunch.

It’s a breezy day, here on the island, too windy for cycling, but maybe I’ll take a three-mile walk on the beach later on, after I run an errand in town. My boyfriend’s attending an afternoon concert in Tampa, so I’m on my own until dinner time. Not a problem; I’ll keep busy, and tonight I plan on doing a bit of barbequeing on the patio.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone. Enjoy your bedroom if you’re in the mood for being lazy.

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