“My Own Private Idaho”, a film you really should see ….

private idaho #1Hi, friends and readers:

This morning I am posting four video clips from the Gus Van Sant film, My Own Private Idaho, released in 1991. The film starts Keanu Reaves and the late River Phoenix, who portray two street hustlers, Mike and Scotty, who turn tricks for cash in Portland, Oregon. The story comes from Shakespeare.


private idaho #2The scene you see here takes place in an abandoned hotel where Mike, Scotty, and countless other homeless youths live in semi-squalor. Scotty is the son of a wealthy and socially prominent father, while Mike is the son of . . . well, you’ll find out if you watch the movie, and I would strongly suggest you do. Okay, it’s a bleak story, but touching just the same.


private idaho #3My Own Private Idaho was one of River Phoenix’s finest performances, and I would certainly agree. I was a huge fan of River, but sadly he died from a drug overdose, shortly after making this movie. River came from a rocky childhood, and he was a terribly unhappy person when he reached adulthood. He turned to drugs to ease his pain, and they eventually did him in. How sad ….


private idaho #4I slept in a bit late this morning, so I will postpone my three-mile beach walk until later today. Right now, it’s a bit too chilly and windy to walk the shore anyway. I don’t have a lot planned for today, really. I will share lunch with a good friend who is living in a nursing home at present, and maybe I’ll visit a golf course near the nursing home to hit balls and practice my dismal golfing technique.

Outside, as I said, it’s chilly and breezy, but the sun is shining and I think we’ll have a fine day, once things warm up. Wherever you are, I hope your Tuesday is going well. Oh, and sorry for the odd formatting of today’s post, but these little .gif  files sometimes wreak havoc with my attempts to post them. If you want to check out My Own Private Idaho, here’s a link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102494/?ref_=nv_sr_1

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