Beauty in black and white. St. Martin’s back from a mission of mercy ….

black and white beauty #14Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know I adore black-and-white photography; it’s a personal preference of mine, and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because it makes the photographer work a little harder to catch a viewer’s attention. But I am posting two pictures tonight that I am sure you will all appreciate as much as I do.

Look at the boy in the upper photo. He has an athletic build, he’s handsome, and he has a wistful expression on his face, as though he’s waiting for his lover boy to join him in the bed. He seems to have a hole in the toe of one sock, and that bed looks ancient. Why is he wearing socks, anyway?

Oh, now I remember. If you have ever experienced sexual encounters with young European men (I’ve had dozens.) then you know they tend to leave their socks on during sex; I don’t know why. Maybe because their feet get cold? But I’ve shared a bed with several young men in Berlin during summer when the temperature was in the 80s, and they still kept their socks on. It’s a mystery, really.

black and white beauty #7I love this second photo too. The kitchen reminds me of certain sleazy apartments I lived in during my college/law school days, when money was tight. The boy at the stove is obviously engrossed in cooking, probably breakfast, but his boyfriend wants to drag him back to the bedroom. Can you blame the boyfriend?

Okay, I didn’t post this morning, as I left the house early on a holiday mission of mercy. A loved one dwells in an ALF about 65 miles inland from my little island. I brought her Christmas gifts and homemade Christmas cookies, and then we had lunch at her favorite seafood restaurant. This, of course, ate up most of my day, so call me “St. Martin.”

The traffic in Tampa was insane, the traffic on I-4 even worse. Where do these people get their driver’s licenses? But I survived the trip, and I arrived home in time to take a lovely three-mile walk on the beach. The Gulf was calm and the air was still. The sun shone, and the temperature was about 75 degrees F, just perfect. I’m home now, getting ready to heat up leftovers. I think my friend and neighbor will visit the hot tub at my timeshare in a little bit, with a bottle of red French wine in tow. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a pleasant Thursday night, friends.

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