Lover boys getting affectionate; pretty night on the island ….

boyfriendsHi, friends and readers:

I just love the video clip I have posted here tonight. These guys are clearly in love, and they know it. They are afraid of showing affection to each other in a public place either, and I like that a lot. Each year, I suppose, public displays of affection between men becomes more acceptable. Isn’t that great?

lover boys #19We’re home from the YMCA, and form a nice walk along the shore. It’s beautiful here tonight, about 78 degrees F, sunny and still. In a few minutes, we’ll walk to the shore to watch sunset with your neighbors. Then we’ll have our own Christmas celebration, just to ourselves. My boyfriend leaves town Sunday for the frozen north, and he works tomorrow night, so tonight’s our holiday. We’ll enjoy a special dinner and exchange gifts, while listening to Christmas music. It’s too warm to light the fireplace, I’m afraid, even with the doors and windows open.

It’s okay, this is Christmas in the tropics, and we don’t mind wearing shorts while we open our gifts. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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