Hot guys in boardshorts. Christmas in Florida means going to the beach.

boardshorts #5Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Christmastime around the world, and in most places the weather is frigid, but not in central Florida, at least no this year. Around three this afternoon, I took a three-mile walk on the beach, here on our little island. The shore was packed with sun-worshipers, among them many handsome young men wearing nothing other than boardshorts. The sights were nothing less than stellar, kind of like an extra Christmas gift. 🙂

Speaking of gifts, we celebrated out Christmas last night, and what a fine evening it was. We prepared a surf-and-turf dinner of Florida lobster tail and filet mignon, and it was one the best meals I’ve had in ages. We shared a bottle of good champagne while we opened our gifts with the Christmas tree glistening. My boyfriend seemed to like all the gifts I’d bought him, and I sure liked mine. My favorites? A nice pair of Adidas track pants and a new cast net for catching bait fish. I also like the Lou Reed CD, New York, one of the better rock albums of the 1980’s; it’s a classic.

boardshorts #3My boyfriend is working tonight, but I won’t spend the evening alone. Two good friends will visit my home. We’ll cook on the barbeque grill, drink beer and wine, and trade stories about our latest exploits. These guys are considerably younger than me; I have known them since they were in high school. They are straight, but very open-minded, and the three of us get long well.

So, I have a fun night in store.

Tomorrow I must drive my lovely boyfriend to the airport, for his flight to Minneapolis. (B-r-r-r-r.) He’ll spend five days up there with his family. I’ll miss him, but he doesn’t get to see his family too often, and I know they’ll have a good time.

Me? I’m staying right here on the island for Christmas. I have plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I won’t be lonely in the least. Okay, everyone, I must get ready for my guests, so I’ll wish everyone a wonderful Saturday. Stay warm.

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