Martin’s new anthology, “Sebastian Inlet”, is released ….

Sebastian Inlet cover art #5 smallerHi, friends and readers:

Yesterday, Amazon’s Createspace publishing house released my new short fiction anthology, Sebastian Inlet, a collection of four stories I think you’ll enjoy reading. Here’s the blurb for the book:

Sebastian Inlet offers four unique stories, all about men who seek another man’s love. In each story there’s adversity to be faced, and sometimes even danger.

“In Sebastian Inlet, Tate Burrows pursues the affection of a fellow surfer, Grover, who has been deeply hurt in his past, and isn’t sure he’s ready to take a chance again. In Fuck Me…Please, a Marine named Forrest, just discharged from service, finds himself homeless and broke in San Francisco.  In exchange for lodgings, is he willing to surrender his virginity to Tyler, a naval submariner who’s on shore leave for a week? In First Roach Pond, a thunderstorm on a remote lake in Maine brings Beau together with Gordon Noyle. Passion quickly ignites between the two, but there’s a problem: Gordon isn’t really who he seems to be. Winston Quirk is set on a tropical Bahamian island, in 1975. When Dane Barger, a white college professor, rescues Winston Quirk, a young black man, from racist assailants in this all-white community, Dane’s immediately attracted to Winston. Winston is certainly interested, but Dane hesitates to involve himself romantically with Winston, because of Winston’s race.

“Follow all these men down the crooked paths they must navigate, in order to find the love they need.”

What I like about this collection is the diversity of the stories’ settings: Florid’as east coast, interior Maine, San Francisco, and the “out islands” known as the Abacos, in The Bahamas. As the blurb suggests, none of the guys in these stories finds love the easy way, but adversity makes their stories far more interesting.

Here’s a buy link for the print version of the book:

And here’s a buy link for the digital version:

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