Merry Christmas from Martin, everyone ….

Christmas Tom DaleyHi, friends and readers:

It’s Christmas Eve, and in a few minutes I’ll depart for my Christmas Eve dinner I’ll share with two friends, one of whom is living in a nursing home, so that’s where we’ll have our meal. The three of us lived together when I was in law school at FSU, and we remain the closest of friends.

There’s no way we’d let our friend in the nursing home spend Christmas Eve alone, so off we go ….

I’m posting a wonderful photo of British Olympics diver Tom Daley, who came out of the closet on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. Tom’s a hero of mine; he’s so brave. And he’s so cute. Don’t you love the way he’s holding that mistletoe, like he’s inviting you to give him a smooch on the lips? Ah, Christmas, it’s always so much fun. I’ve placed phone calls to all my loved ones today. I even got a haircut and stocked my wine supply, so I’m good to go.

All right, everyone, have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your loved ones, whoever they may be. I’ll post again tomorrow.

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