Hot guys at the gym. Busy night for Martin ….

gym rat #2Hi, friends and readers:

Three days a week, I visit the YMCA for a workout in the fitness center, followed by lap-swimming. Right now, it’s holiday break tie for college boys, and today there were tons of them pumping iron and showing of their ripped bodies. Aye-yi-yi, I felt like a kid in a candy store. How come I can’t have an eight-pack?

I’ve been home for about an hour, and soon I’ll jump into the Element to drive into the city. As mentioned in this morning’s post, tonight is our annual gathering og guys I attended high school with. It’s always funny to see people I knew so long ago, who I never see now.

gym ratAround 7:30 PM, I’ll climb back in the car, and then drive to Tampa International to pick up my beautiful boyfriend. (Yeah, he does have an eight-pack.) 😉 I know he’ll be hungry, so we’ll head for home and I’ll fix some sort of a quick meal for us to enjoy. I’ve missed him, and I’m so glad he’s coming home.

It’s cool and damp on the island tonight, which is fine. I grew so tired of warm weather in November and December, and it’s nice to have the doors and windows open. Have a nice Friday night, friends, wherever you may be rihgt now.

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