A pair of sexy, shirtless guys; overcast skies on the island ….

shirtless #4Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I posted photos of two gym rats with rippling abs and bulging biceps and, yeah, I find guys like that sexy, but I like slender guys, too, like the two young men in today’s photo posts. The guy in the top photo certainly qualifies as “willowy”, but I think he’s real attractive. He has that Central European look to him. I’m guessing he’s Czech or maybe Croatian. I’ve been in both those countries, many times, and I can tell you the men there can be quite beautiful.

I brought my boyfriend got home from the airport, safe and sound, last night. W just spent a pleasant morning together, but now he’s left for work and I’m on my own. I’m already done with my current writing project for the day, but I have other things to do today.

shirtless #3Have a look at the guy to the left. If he were hitch-hiking would you pick him up and maybe offer him a place to stay for the evening? Okay, he has that rough-around-the-edges look to him, but I kind of like that. Again, his physique borders on skinny, but I kind of like that too.And I don’t think he’s wearing underwear. Look, you have to appreciate different types of men. Not everyone can be a gym hunk.

Outside, the weather’s overcast and damp, but at least the wind is not blowing. I a little while, I’ll climb on my bike to take a ten-mile ride around my island. I like to take advantage of days when the air is still, to go cycling. Wind just makes riding too difficult.

I’m not sure what I will do with my evening. I have a good book to read, and a chicken breast thawing in the fridge. I’ll probably spend a quiet night at home, and that’s okay. Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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