Jerking off and Kleenex: a review that’s just too funny ….

strokingHi, friends and readers:

Remember how it was when you were a teenager and you discovered the joys of masturbation? I was a devotee. I remember staying home from school in eighth grade, with a head cold, and I think I stroked six times before my solitude was ended by my sister’s arrival from her high school classes. Look, teenage boys do this sort of thing; it’s healthy really.

Anyway, I came across this product review for the Kleenex 36-pack product:

Read it, you’ll have a long laugh.

One thought on “Jerking off and Kleenex: a review that’s just too funny ….

  1. Well you can put it like this: what do you like a lot, but don’t talk about ? 🙂
    Also, when it’s not clean it’s kleen-ex ? 🙂
    Also, “it” is so much different when you enjoy it alone, i guess.

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