Get out of bed, it’s New Year’s Eve ….

in the bedroomHi, friends and readers

All rights, you guys. I know that bed you’re lying in is comfortable. You could probably stay there all morning, cruising the Internet on your laptop and maybe engaging in a bit of self-stimulation. But it;s New Year’s Eve, and surely you’ve made plans for the evening. Or have you?

I have to confess, New Year’s Eve has always been sort of a non-event in my mind. Look, I don’t need an excuse to drink or go dancing; I can do that any time I want, and I often do. Normally, we stay on our little island. We attend a neighborhood party where lots of food and drink is available, and many fireworks are launched over the Intracoastal Waterway.

But not this year ….

laptop #2My boyfriend is a graduate of University if Wisconsin — Madison, home of the Badgers football team, and this year the Badgers are playing South Carolina (the “Cocks”, as they are known) in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. In Wisconsin, Badger football is like a religion, so do you think for one minute we would not attend the game?

We have taken a hotel room in Orlando, near the football stadium, and also near a large gay resort. We’ll drive over this afternoon, have a nice dinner at a restaurant, and then hit the resort for a bit of drinking and dancing. The game’s at one PM on New Year’s Day, and we’ll stay in Orlando a second night before returning tot he Gulf Coast. The whole thing should be fun.

So, I’m up doing a load of laundry and getting ready to pack for the trip. If I can do this, you can too. So, get out of that bed and get busy. Happy New Year’s Eve, friends.

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