Poor Aaron Carter (literally); sobering thoughts on New Year’s Day ….

Aaron CarterHi, friends and readers:

Remember Aaron Carter, the guy they once called “The Prince of Pop”, and the younger brother of Nick Carter, a Backstreet Boys member? About a month ago, I read a newspaper article reporting that Aaron had filed for bankruptcy. He’s in debt for over a million dollars, has assets of less than $3,000. His principal debt is owed to the IRS. It seems he didn’t pay his income taxes, along with a slew of other obligations.

How does this happen to someone gifted with amazing looks and musical talent?

I’d say the answer is simple: Aaron’s parents never taught him self-restraint and financial responsibility, and it’s too bad. Look, the first job of every parent is to prepare his/her child to deal with the real world, as an adult. If you are a parent, may I suggest you make a New Year’s resolution to be sure your kids are ready for life, ready for independence?

aaron carter #2It’s been a fun day for us. After a pleasant night of dancing yesterday, we got home by one AM, so we got a good night’s sleep. Today we attended the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. Although Wisconsin lost to South Carolina, the game was close and exciting. We sat with the Badger fans, and they were all so nice. Okay, the day was overcast and damp, but that’s okay. I love the pageantry of college games, and Wisconsin knows how to do things right. We sat right behind the Wisconsin band, and the whole experience was exhilarating.

Now we’re home and ready for a relaxed evening. Wherever you are tonight, I hope you had a nice New Year’s Day. I’ll post from home tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Poor Aaron Carter (literally); sobering thoughts on New Year’s Day ….

  1. About young stars: do even parents know enough about the money sharks in show world ? Everybody is in it for a fast buck.

    • Sorry,that all has come down on Arron,with all that has been done,it will settle,Its,i’m sure,something is learned.You have talent,that does not go away.Try movie acting,maybe a bio or something,and things will get better,Aaron…..you have a brother who loves you very much,and that is priceless. All our hopes are with you. Gods Speed Aaron. Kindly,Mike. Peace bro.

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