Cute guys in sleep pants. Is it cold where you are today?

sleep pantsHi, friends and readers:

Is it cold today where you live? Is there snow in the ground, and ice coating the streets. I have never lived in a climate where the temperature routinely goes below freezing and I don’t think I’d like it. One thing’s for certain, I’d own a pair of sleep pants like the guys are wearing in today’s photo posts. They’re kind of sexy in  a way, don’t you think? And they certainly look comfortable. Is that a Michael Jackson album on the shelf behind this young man? Really?

plaid boxersWe are back on our little island, after spending two nights in Orlando. The football game yesterday was a blast, in spite of the Badgers losing. What a huge and boisterous place the Citrus Dome was.  We had a nice dinner in downtown Orlando, a tapas place with excellent food and Sangria. By the time we got back to our hotel, we were both tired. In fact, I took a two-hour nap, which resulted in me staying up until almost 1:30 AM because I wasn’t sleepy. (That’s why I don’t normally take naps.)

The drive home this morning was a bit unnerving. I-4 is a terrible highway full of reckless drivers and transfer trucks. The road was congested with winter tourists, in addition to the usual crazies. I couldn’t wait t get off the road.

Okay, everybody, have a good Thursday, wherever you might be.

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