Cute guy showing off on cam; rainy night on the island ….

showing offHi, friends and readers:

Well, there’s an old saying, “If you’ve got it you may as well flaunt it.” I guess the young man in tonight’s video post follows that philosophy. (But I really don’t like lip piercings; they make me wince whenever I see them.) Also, I don’t think he’s wearing anything below his waist. Who is this guy and why is he posting this video on the Internet?

This will be a short post, as I don’t have much to report. Once we arrived home from Orlando, we decided to “de-Christmas” our house. We took down all the outdoor lights, and put away our illuminated Frosty The Snowman. We took down the tree and hauled it outside after we removed all the decorations and put them in the attic. Now the house looks like it normally does, and we have put the holidays behind us. Time to get busy with the new year ahead.

Have  a nice Thursday night, friends.

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