Hot guys and their cameras; typical Friday in store for Martin ….

camera #6Hi, friends and readers:

While I’m not a huge fan of cell phone self-pics, I do come across a few I like once in a while, and then I share them with you. L like both pics I’ve posted here this morning. The guys are sexy and completely unaffected, and I like that. Nothing pretentious about these two. (But I don’t know about that Chicago Bulls hat on the guy in the lower photo. Are the Bulls any good any more? I don’t follow NBA teams at all. I only watch college basketball.)

I didn’t walk on the beach this morning. The temperature was cold and the wind was blowing. A cold front has rolled into central Florida, and tonight’s low will dip into the lower forties, pretty frigid for this area.

camera #7I’ve finished my writing for the day, and soon I’ll share lunch with my boyfriend before heading into town for a workout and lap swimming at the YMCA. My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I might visit the driving range to hit a bucket of balls after the YMCA. Although it’s cool outdoors, the sun is shining brightly and the sky is cloudless. Not bad weather for golf, eh?

Okay, everyone, I need to heat up my lunch and also pack up for the YMCA, so I will wish everyone a pleasant Friday, wherever you may happen to be.

2 thoughts on “Hot guys and their cameras; typical Friday in store for Martin ….

  1. Well as a former Florida resident (and like you grad of UF law – Go Gators!) I can identify with the “cold 40’s” sentiment you shared 🙂 however for the past year and 3/4 I have been living in the frigid north east. Rhode Island/upstate NY to be exact. Windchill today is forecast at minus 15. That means exposed skin freezes in 5 minutes. OMG! Fortunately I was raised in this and can deal with it. Btw I LOVE your site! I check it first thing every day and when I’m away, I go back over what I’ve missed! Thanks! I feel like I’m getting mail from a friend 🙂

    • Hi, Terry:

      Thanks so much for writing. Actually, I went to UF for my undergraduate in Journalism, and then FSU for my law degree, so I got a taste of both schools. I’m glad you enjoy my website. I cannot imagine living in RI with all that cold weather. (B-r-r-r.) But I hear it’s nice there during summer and early fall. Again, thanks for writing.

      Martin Delacroix

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