Sexy boys in their hoodies; frigid night on the island ….

baseballer #2Hi, friends and readers:

As mentioned in this morning’s photo post, a cold front has moved into central Florida today, and right now it’s downright frigid outdoor. The temperature will go down to about forty degrees F tonight, and that’sย damnedย cold for this area. I brought my orchid plants inside, and then I turned on the gas fireplace. I’ll stay comfy inside the house, but no way I’m going outside. You see, in Florida we don’t have the right clothing for this type weather. Our idea of cold-weather gear is a hoodie and jeans, and we might even wear socks and shoes instead of flip-flops.

Speaking of hoodies, do you the way way the guys in tonight’s photos posts look in theirs? The boy in the top photo is a bit of an narcissist, but he sure is cute, and I like the freckles on the boy in the lower photo. His gray eyes are pretty too. I’d let either guy keep me warm on a cold night, wouldn’t you?

hoodie #6So, my boyfriend’s at work, and I am home alone. The sound system’s playing Brett Dennen, (Have you listened to him? Why not?) and I’m about to work on a writing project for a little while. I bought fresh fish for tonight’s dinner. I’ll bake the fish in a butter sauce with bread crumbs, and I’ll team them with a baked potato and a fresh fruit salad. How’s that for a winter night’s meal? Anyone care to join me?

I had a great workout at the YMCA, followed by a fifteen-minute jaunt on the elliptical trainer, and a quarter-mile swim in the pool. I left feeling great, and then I hit the supermarket to re-stock our fridge after our absence over the New Year’s holiday. I’m a bit tired, but feeling quite contented. Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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      • Yeah, I also like the old american folk, but i guess the american folk music is the root to todays music, but . . .I like a lot of different types of music, you name it, but i guess it is the mood you’re in, Erik Satie, or Dubstep and a lot more, when i started working at the KLM i could travel cheap, and discovered stores like HMV, Tower Records, Virgin , and later internet-radio, now i mostly listen to local radio or sometimes WUTV. Now you know ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi, Eric:

          Yeah, I am folk devotee, always have been since I learned to play guitar in college. I own an Ovation Legend now, a beautiful guitar I often play while I sing my favorite songs. The great thing about an acoustic guitar is its portability. Also, it doesn’t require electricity. My guitar has traveled with me around the world: Berlin, Australia, the Bahamas and Hawaii, to name a few. My favorite radio station in central Florida is WMNF, an indie station playing lots of folk music. My favorite folk musicians are Bob Dylan (his early work) and Neil Young. But Brett Dennen is a younger musician I find very interesting. Some very interesting songs also appear on the Rolling Stones album, Beggars Banquet. You might want to check it out.


          • Thanks for the tips, I just “tuned” in that station, through the wonders of my internet radio, 88.5 Tampa says the display, nice local news i hear also, and live music, nice !

          • Yes, All Things Considered, and I listen often to A prairie Home Companion , fun ! Guess I’m a softy ๐Ÿ™‚

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