2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Shall we boycott?

1 Jan 1999:  An offical poster from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games on display at the IOC Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Mandatory Credit: IOC Olympic Museum /Allsport Hi, friends and readers:

I know it seems 1936 was long ago, but it really wasn’t. The Nazis had taken power only three years before, and persecution of Jews and gay men was already underway, but the Germans soft-pedaled the situation while they hosted the 1936 Olympics. Once the games were over, the persecution, and ultimately the killings, continued while the world looked the other way.

There’s no fucking way I will watch a minute of the Winter Olympics on TV this year. Russia has officially declared war upon its gay/lesbian minority. We are considered less than vermin, unfit for normal society. And I am still supposed to sit by and watch these jovial sporting contests take place in Russia while my brothers and sisters are officially assigned to second-class citizenship?

U-m-m-m-m-, no thank you.

Look, at some point you must stick up for yourself. And I, for one, will not stand for Mr. Putin’s sanitized views of how we should live our lives. Europe went down that road once, with Adolf, and I won’t be a part of the pageantry celebrating Russia’s greatness, not while its homophobic policies are in force. I’ll tune out, thank you.

Shaun WhiteHere is Shaun White, the amazing U.S. snowboarder. Shaun, are you attending the Sochi competition? If so, will you have the balls to wear a temporary rainbow tattoo on your face when you compete, to show Mr. Putin just how disgusting his social views are?

Look, someone needs to do it. If not Shaun, then maybe someone with a little more social conscience. Will someone please step up to the plate? I. for one, won’t watch a minute of the Winter Olympics, unless someone with a social conscience steps forward.

The temporary rainbow tattoos, which measure 1.5″ X 2″ can be purchased here:http://www.tattooforaweek.com/en/Temporary+Tattoos/Miscellaneous/Gay+Pride.htm

I hope someone will have the courage to wear one at the Games.

7 thoughts on “2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Shall we boycott?

  1. It is all politics, most of the time the general public is misguided, and the population is the victim, and . . . money is the key in this , otherwise all goverments stood up i guess.

  2. I think every participant should decide for himself whether to boycott the Olympic Games or not. It`s very bad that world`s greatest sport event suffers from politics. It occurred in 1936, further at XXII Olympic Games in Moscow and it will recur again this year in Sochi. Again and again.

    Nevertheless, I believe the good way is to follow the example of legendary Afro-American James Cleveland «Jesse» Owens, the hero of XI Olympic Games in 1936. He won 4 gold medals that declared very clear: “Adolf, you theories are full shit”.

    And I think either position should be stressed publicly. This is poor, but fair attempt to stop Mr. Putin, who is going in madness deeper and deeper.

    • Hello, Oleg:

      It’s good to hear from you again. To be clear, I am not advocating an ahtletic boycott of the Games; I would consider that to be counterproductive. Why let politics ruin an athlete’s chance to shine in the Games, after all the hard work he/she has put in to training for this competition? I am only saying that I will not watch the Games on TV, as my way of registering a protest for the IOC’s selection of Russia as the site for this year’s Winter Games. Maybe if their ratings tumble, they’ll think twice about locating the Games in places with repressive regimes.


    • Hi, Oleg:

      Thanks for writing; it’s good to hear from you. Let me be clear: I am not advocating an athletes’ boycott of the Games. That would be counterproductive. And why deprive these hard-working athletes form the opportunity to compete for medals? It would not make sense. I am only saying I will not watch the Games on TV, as my form of protest. Maybe if the TV ratings for the Games tumble, the ICO will think twice about locating future Games in countries with repressive regimes.


  3. Hey Martin. I started a FaceBook page called “Boycott Russian Olympics for homosexual community” could you possibly mention it here on your site? We are looking for support from everywhere we can. The site calls for the boycotting of companies supporting the Olympics and the refrain of watching the Olympics altogether.

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