The enigmatic “Boy with the Belt” and “Marat on the Floor”, classic erotic photography ….

belt #2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the photo to the left. I don’t know who took the photo, and I don’t know who the model was. I do know the photo appeared in more than one magazine, back in the early 1980’s, so the photo is more than thirty years old. But I still find it one of the most intensely erotic photos I’ve ever seen. Why is that?

Of course, the young man is quite beautiful. Back in the early 1980’s, young men didn’t workout at gyms. This young man’s athletic physique is all natural. His hair is not styled in the least; it grows free-form.  His only clothing is the pair of shorts he wears, and the shorts hint at what dwells beneath them in tantalizing fashion. The young man’s holding a thick leather belt. Is he about to endure a whipping for something he’s done wrong? If so, the expression on his face suggests he’s not worried about his punishment in the least. Why is that?

The lighting in the photo is exquisite, the setting quite minimalist. I cannot imagine how anyone could improve on the photo and its enigmatic subject. I wonder where he is today and what he’s up to? I guess we’ll never know.

Marat smallerHere’s another classic erotic photo, this one taken of a Russian boy named Marat, about ten years ago. Again, the subject has a puzzling expression on his face; it’s hard to tell exactly how he feels about being photographed, but he certainly doesn’t seem agitated, does he?

This photo is only one of an entire set of Marat pictures, many of them quite raunchy. I don’t publish porn on this site; it’s for all ages. But if you want to take a peek at more of Marat, you can find him here:  Be forewarned: this stuff is only for the over-18 crowd.

It’s a beautiful day, here on the island. I rose around seven AM to take a three-mile walk on the shore. I shed my sweatshirt half-way through the walk because the weather was so nice. The Gulf was calm and no breeze blew — perfect winter weather in my book. I’ve already finished working on my new writing project for the day, and after lunch I’ll head into town for a bit of lap-swimming at the YMCA, followed by a trip to the driving range to hit a bucket of golf balls. Not a bad way to spend Sunday, eh?

I hope your Sunday goes as pleasantly as mine, friends, wherever you might be today.

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    • Hi, William:

      I’m glad you enjoy the photos on my site. If you’d like to send me a few of your illustrations in .jpeg format, perhaps I can share them with my readers. Thanks for writing.


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