A sexy Packer fan goes all exhibitionist; frigid night on the island ….

Packers #1Packers #2Packers #3Hi, friends and readers:

I know it’s cold most everywhere in the country tonight, and especially in the Midwest, where lows are in the minus double digits. (B-r-r-r.) It’s even cold in central Florida tonight; our low will be near freezing, so I gathered all my outdoor flowers together and covered them with a bed sheet to keep them somewhat warm. (We do these things in Florida, you know.)

Okay, I don’t usually post multiple video clips, but I thought this little sequence might help warm you up on this frigid evening. The poor Green Bay Packers lost their playoff game on Sunday, but this particular fan doesn’t seem too depressed, does he?

I’m home alone tonight, not planning on going anywhere or doing anything outside of the house. It’s just too damned cold out there. But I’ll light the fireplace and have a few beers before I prepare my dinner. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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