Lover boys in black and white; chilly day on the island ….

lover boys #12Hi, friends and readers:

I adore photos of two guys showing affection to each other, especially in public. And when the photos are black-and-white I like them even more. So I’m posting two of these for your enjoyment this morning.

I rose quite early today, about seven AM. I delayed my morning walk because the weather was so cold and windy outside. Instead I got to work on my new writing project, which si coming along a lot more smoothly than I’d expected.

lover boys black and white #3Around nine AM, I bundled up and took my walk. The temperature was probably around fifty degrees F, not bad but a stiff breeze blew form the northwest about twelve MPH, make it pretty frigid as I walked northward. But I had layered my clothing, and I wasn’t too cold if I kept my hands in my coat pockets. The walk south, toward home, wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I felt quite refreshed by the time I walked in the front door

It’s almost lunchtime, and after I dine  I think I’ll hit the YMCA to workout on the elliptical trainer and swim laps in the pool. It’s just too cold and windy to ride my bike out here, and I’ll need some aerobic exercise today. It’ll feel good to break a sweat.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening. It’s supposed to get super cold tonight, so I think I’ll light up the gas fireplace and maybe open a bottle of red wine before dinner. Doesn’t that sound good? Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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