Two more Alan Carey photos; nice evening on the island tonight ….

alan carey #1Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone seemed to like the photos of Alan Carey I posted this morning, so I’m posting two more tonight. The top photo is another from the series of “rooftop” photos taken of Alan early in his career. He fills out those white briefs quite nicely, doesn’t he?

It’s been a good day for me and my boyfriend. We had a good workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA. Then we took a golf lesson from our guru, Jeff. Okay, it was a little chilly on the course, but we dressed warmly and thing went fine. As usual, Jeff diagnosed the problems plaguing me during my last two golf outings, and right away I was hitting balls like I want to: straight and long. Maybe I will play better when we try another round next week. Golf can drive you crazy, you know, but it’s a great sport to play in Florida because you can play it year-round.

alan carey #3Okay, here’s the second Alan Carey photo, which was obviously taken a few years after the “rooftop” collection was shot. Alan has clearly beefed up and his facial features are more prominent, but he’s still quite beautiful, in my opinion. He’s definitely boyfriend material; I wonder if he’s presently involved with someone? Does anyone know?

It’s kind of a pretty evening, here on the island. The wind has stopped blowing and the temperature is not nearly as cold as it was last night. It’s still too chilly to go for a walk right now, but  maybe by Friday we’ll be back to our normal winter weather.

Traffic on the website has definitely picked up in recent weeks, and I’m not sure why, but I do appreciate the visits from everyone, and I also appreciate the increase in my book sales since I re-published my Nobel Romance titles through Createspace. Those royalty payments from Amazon make Martin happy. 🙂

Okay, everyone, have a nice Wednesday evening, wherever you might be.

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