Beautiful blond guys; damp night on the island ….

blond beautyHi, friends and readers:

I’ve always felt attracted to guys with dark hair, fair skin, and dark eyes; I don’t know why, but that’s my thing, as they say. But many of my friends are worshipers of blond, blue-eyed boys, and I can certainly understand why they are.

The guy to the left reminds me of a young man who’s a stock clerk at the supermarket on our island. He’s a total babe. I think he’s a college student, and I know all the checkout girls lust for him. Who could blame them?

I’m home from my YMCA workout and lap-swimming in the pool, a great way to get exercise when the weather’s bad. I hit the supermarket on the way home (Sadly, the lovely stock clerk wasn’t working.), and now I’m seated at my desktop computer, taking care of various responsibilities related to my writing.

blond beauty #2Okay, here’s another photo I find rather special. This guy reminds me of young men who belonged to my gym when I lived in Berlin for three summers, a few years back, before I met my present boyfriend. The great thing about the gym was most guys used the communal showers after their workouts. German men aren’t at all shy about getting naked around other guys, and these blond hunks would wander through the locker room swinging their ample equipment for all of us other guys to admire. God I love Germany.

It’s damp and cool here tonight, bu at least it’s not freakin’ cold like it was two nights ago. In the morning I’ll return my orchids to the rear screened porch, and my potted flowers to their usual locations. I think the frigid air is about behind us. I know, I know …. you guys in the Midwest are freezing your buns off, and here I’m complaining about temperatures in the 40’s, but thats the way Floridians are.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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