Guys fast asleep; another quiet day on the island ….

asleep #4Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college I lived in my fraternity’s house for a year, along with forty other guys. The place was very relaxed, most guys left their doors open day and night, and I’d often have a view of a nice-looking brother, wearing little or nothing, fast asleep in his bunk bed. I’d always pause for a moment, to drink in the sights.

The photos I’ve posted here this morning take me back to those days. Guys look so vulnerable when they’re sleeping, I guess because they don’t have their defenses up like they do when they’re awake.

We had rain last night, and the sky has been overcast all morning, but now the sun has come out and maybe we’ll have a nice day, after all. A fairly strong wind is blowing out of the northeast, and I may not be able to ride my bike today. 🙁

asleep #21I spent the better part of this morning tending to correspondence. A publisher has accepted my new novel for publishing, with a release date in mid-2014. There are contracts to negotiate, and I’ll be in touch with my favorite cover artist to see if she’ll take on the job for this book. I’m very excited about this project, as the novel took me six months to write, and I think the story’s quite good.

My boyfriend’s working today, so I’ll be on my own the better part of the day. If I can’t ride my bike, I may visit the YMCA to use an elliptical trainer and then swim laps in the pool. It’s a good way to get aerobic exercise when the weather’s not cooperating. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but maybe watching sunset at the shore will be possible if it’s not too cold tonight.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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