A pair of sexy lifeguards; gloomy night on the island ….

lifeguardHi, friends and readers:

As most of you know, I visit the YMCA three times a week, for a 90-minute workout, followed by swimming a quarter mile in the YMCA’s indoor pool. It’s a great way to spend two hours, and I always leave feeling refreshed. The lifeguards at the YMCA are a mixed bag, but once in a while there’s a cute guy in the chair, wearing his baggy trunks and nothing else.

I wrote a short story titled Dream Boy. It appears in my anthology, Flawed Boys. One the two main characters in Dream Boy is Riley Davenport, who works as a life guard at . . . you guessed it: the YMCA. Here’s the narrator’s description of Riley:

* * * *

Copyright Martin Delacroix, 2012

“The first time I saw Riley, he sat atop a lifeguard stand at the YMCA’s indoor pool, perhaps twenty feet from me. Shirtless and barefoot, he wore baggy swim trunks. His limbs were lanky, he was smooth-chested, and his dark hair contrasted with his fair skin. His torso tapered from broad shoulders to a narrow waist. As I studied him in the chlorine-scented natatorium, he yawned and stretched his arms, revealing wisps of armpit hair.

lifeguard #2“Lifeguards at the YMCA had to be eighteen or older, so I knew Riley was legal, but looking at him that day, I was sure he’d barely met the age requirement. Something about his demeanor—hesitance in his movements and reluctance to make eye contact—suggested a dearth of life experience. Plus, he couldn’t seem to decide where to put his big hands and feet.

“Sunshine entered through clerestory windows, reflecting in the pool’s surface. The room wasn’t the least bit cold, but I shivered nonetheless, stealing glances at Riley while I fiddled with my goggles, and listening to laughter of children in the kiddy pool. Others might have considered Riley too skinny, but I found him enticing in a way only young men his age could be: I counted all his ribs, his every abdominal muscle.”

* * * *

You know, looking back on things, I believe I used the lifeguard in the top photo I’ve posted here, as a model for Riley Davenport. Study the photo a minute, and then you’ll see how similar Riley and the young lifeguard in the photo are.

It’s cool and cloudy, here on the island tonight. My boyfriend has the night off, and we’ll share some of my leftover chili for dinner. Maybe after dinner we’ll visit out timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub; it’s a great way to spend a cool evening, sitting in all those warm bubbles while gazing at the moon.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.


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