Guys, mirrors, and cameras; damp and gloomy day on the island ….

mirrorHi, friends and readers:

Some guys love looking at themselves in the mirror with their shirts off. Okay, it’s a bit narcissistic, but when a guy has a body like the two young men in today’s photo posts, how can you blame them?

I especially like the photo to the left because it’s not a “selfie”; i.e., the picture was taken by a professional photographer who got the lighting and his model’s pose just right.

I had one of those restless nights last night, the kind where I woke around three AM, wide awake. I knew it was useless to lie there in bed, so I rose and spent two hours reading. Then I went back to bed and slept until nine-thirty. I don’t like getting up so late, but at least I feel rested. I had a productive morning, working on my new story which is quickly morphing into a short novel. It’s a 7,500 words and I’m just getting started. I’ve introduced the main character and his family. I’ve acquainted readers with the Florida setting, and the school my main character attends. And I’ve already injected mystery into the story, which is essential.

camera #11Okay, here’s the second photo, it’s definitely a “selfie”, but I like it nonetheless. The young man is beautiful, and I like the jaunty way he wears his ball cap. And how did he get that Fox emblem on his bathroom wall? He’s definitely boyfriend material. Look at those dark eyes. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing . . . Bryce from St. Augustine Beach, FL. He surfs and skateboards, get’s “B’s” at the local high school, and occasionally smokes weed with his pals in his neighborhood. Is he gay? U-m-m-m, I’d guess not, but then you never know, do you?

We had planned to play golf today, as my boyfriend has the day off, but outside it’s rainy and overcast, and I doubt any course are even open for business. So, we’ve agreed we’ll devote part of our afternoon to cleaning our hoe from top to bottom, which is badly needed. The last time we did a thorough cleaning was the day before Thanksgiving, and things are getting a little . . . grungy. It’s okay, we’ll play music on the sound system, and a few hours from now the place will look and smell great.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends. I hope it’s not raining where you are.

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