Cute boys wearing beanies; pretty morning on the island ….

beanie #7Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, then you know I live on a barrier island on Florida’s Gulf coast, west of Tampa/St. Petersburg. Even during winter, the temperatures don’t get too cold, and almost never below freezing, so one rarely sees young men wearing beanies. It’s too bad, really, ’cause I think a beanie lends a nice touch to a good-looking guy; I’m not sure why. But I think the guys in this morning’s photo posts look great in their beanies, don’t you?

I’m suffering from a hangover this morning, something that almost never happens to me, no matter how much I drink or what I drink. I didn’t consume all that much alcohol last night; I don’t know why I’m feeling so poorly, but I am, damn it. My head hurts and I don’t have much energy. I hope I’m not getting sick because I promised myself I would not get sick this winter, no matter what. Anyway, I feel lousy, and that’s never a good thing, is it?

beanie #2On the plus side of things, it’s a beautiful morning, here on the island. The sun is shining, the air is quite still, and the temperature’s about 68 degrees F. Normally, I’d take a three-mile walk on the beach, but I haven’t the energy. 🙁

My boyfriend has the day off, and after lunch we’ll visit the YMCA for our usual workout and lap-swimming. Maybe I’ll feel better after I get a little exercise. Tonight we’ll drive into the city to spend the evening with a friend who has a nice outdoor deck and a fire pit. We’ll drink a few beers and talk about the sate of the world while listening to music. Then we’ll visit a restaurant for dinner and more discussion. I have known our friend since grade school. (That was a while back.) It’s always a nice way to spend an evening, especially when we can enjoy an outdoor fire.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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