Beautiful male torsos; chilly night on the island ….

torso #8Hi, friends and readers:

If you have visited a European museum of antiquity, then you know the ancient Greeks worhsiped male beauty just as much as they did female beauty, and maybe even more. You can see marvelous sculptures of the male torso, obviously crafted by our gay brethren during those times, and they are quite amazing.

I thought I’d share two of my favorite “torso pics” with all of you tonight, as I find them both to be beautiful and sexy.

If you’ll look at my book titles in the sidebar to the right, you’ll see my short novel, Passion Play, with another of my favorite “torso photos” on the cover. I think it’s very sexy photo, and it perfectly captures the mood of Passion Play, a story exploring the dark world of the gay BDSM scene.

torso #3My road trip inland today wasn’t too bad; for some reason the traffic was lighter than usual, and I just cruised over there and back. Okay, I almost got rear-ended once, and side-swiped another time, but that’s I-4 for you. Fun and games in central Florida ….

I rewarded myself afterward by visiting a golf course to hit balls at the driving range, and then practice my pitching and putting. It was chilly out there, but when I visited the pro shop to buy tees, they had Adidas golfing pullovers on sale for 50% off, really nice ones that keep you warm in Florida’s chilly winter weather. So I bought one and it kept me comfortable while I practiced for ninety minutes.

I hit the supermarket on the way home, and tonight I’m hosting my good friend and neighbor for wine and dinner. It’ll be a nice evening, and I will definitely light the fireplace to enhance the atmosphere. Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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