Swimmers in Speedos. What could be sexier?

speedo blue #2Hi, friends and readers:

Do you suspect, as I do, that the inventor of the Speedo swimsuit for men was a gay man himself? I mean, what item of clothing, aside from a jock strap (which isn’t worn in public) looks sexier on a guy who’s in good shape? A Speedo leaves just a little to the imagination, and that’s why it’s so tantalizing.

Out trip into town last night turned out really well. Our host had a crackling fire going on his deck, so even though the evening was cool, we stayed toasty. We ended up getting takeout from a good Mexican place, and my tacos were outstanding. We’ll definitely hit that place again.

I dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt for my morning walk today, but when I went out the front door, I turned right around and went back inside. Yeah, the sun is shining, but the temperatures around fifty and a stiff breeze is blowing: unpleasant conditions for beach walking.

swimmerI chose to remain inside, where I made a nice breakfast for myself before working a bit on my new story. But I don’t have long to write today. In about an hour, I will climb into my Element, and then drive 65 miles inland to visit a loved on in an ALF. She doesn’t get out much, so I always take her to lunch at the restaurant of her choosing. Then I drive back home, another 65 miles.

The drive over there and back is miserable, especially at this time of year when the roads are packed with winter tourists. The whole thing eats up most of my day, but you do these thing for people you care about, don’t you?

My boyfriend works tonight, so I’ll be on my own this evening. It’s okay; I have a movie from Netflix to watch, and I may do a bit of grilling on the patio for dinner. Wherever you are today, I hope you’re having a nice Thursday. Stay warm. 🙂

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