Angry losers who message me. Will you please get a life?

offensiveHi, friends and readers:

Allow me to vent tonight, will you?

About once a week I’ll receive a vitriolic message via this website from some guy or another who calls me a “predo pervert” or an “old guy who creeps on teenage boys.” The messages usually contain multiple misspellings and basic grammatical errors one normally hears from the uneducated losers certain modern-day parents seem to pump out in droves, kids who have no friends, boys who spend their days in cyberspace, dreaming they’ll find glory one day. But how? I just mark their message as spam, and then WordPress bans them from contacting me again. Nuisance over.

Another thing: these angry kids seem to think I am making up the messages I post from gay teens and college students who are struggling with their sexuality. Their hate messages say things like, “Kids can’t write like that.” Or “Skaters don’t talk like that.”


Well, the photo to the left is my reply to these ignorant punks.

I say, “Not everyone your age is as stupid and illiterate as you. Some fifteen-year-olds know how to express themselves in writing quite eloquently. I guess because they pay attention in English class while you are doodling or playing with the cell phone your mommy pays for.”

I will continue to listen to all the lonely and scared gay skaters and athletes I hear from. If some loser who lives in his mom’s basement doesn’t like this site, then what is he doing here? I’ll tell you the answer to that question: he’s in denial. Boys who hate their homosexuality tend to lash out at guys who don’t; it’s basic psychology, friends.

So, if you want to send me a hate-filled message via this site, be my guest. It goes in the trash bin, and certainly doesn’t affect me in the least. Such messages only confirm my belief that some people are so unhappy their only pleasure in life is to attack folks who’ve learned to love themselves. Sad, but true.

It’s cold on the island tonight. Have a nice Friday evening, everyone, and stay warm, okay?

3 thoughts on “Angry losers who message me. Will you please get a life?

  1. I wish people would have respect for other peoples differences. It’s a shame there are so many people on this earth that still hate. One day it’s gonna change. It’s just going to be a long time from now because people take a long time to get used to new things.

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