Dealing with queerness. You’ll find happiness if you persevere ….

cryingHi, friends and readers:

Okay, I know you feel isolated tonight. How come I can’t be like the rest of my friends at school? I’m a misfit, aren’t I? I should just blow my brains out and save my family the disgrace of my gay desires. I should check out, right?

U-m-m-m, no. Don’t do it.

Look, here’s something Albert Einstein wrote. He said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

You cannot let the narrow-minded community you dwell in dictate how your life will unfold. You deserve to be happy. A boyfriend exists in your future, I promise. Hold on, my friend, your time will come, and then you will find yourself — maybe in L.A. or NYC — with a boy who’ll bring you the kind of happiness you thought you’d only dream of. I promise this will happen if you’ll only be patient.

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