Cute series of video clips. Is this a dream sequence or a fantsay?

dance naked #1Hi, friends and readers:

I came across a series of video clips, obviously taken from a film or TV series, but I don’t know which. This young man is standing naked on a stage with a bunch of other naked guys, and he does his little dance before it dawns on him maybe he ought to be a bit more modest.

Does anyone know who the guy is and where the clip came from?

dance naked #2I had planned to ride my bike on our island today, but just as I was getting dressed in my cycling clothes the wind started blowing, and I thought, damn. Like I said in this morning’s post, we get so many windy days on the island, and I like to cycle when it’s still, but no such luck today. Instead, I packed up my gear and visited the YMCA to do two miles on the elliptical trainer, and then swim laps in the indoor pool. It was great workout. After my shower, I felt thoroughly refreshed and ready for a relaxing evening with my boyfriend.

dance naked #3Okay, it even rained on my way to the YMCA, but then the sun came out and it looks like tonight will be beautiful: sunny and still and not too chilly. We will definitely do a bit of “shuffle-beering” down the street at the courts. I’ll cook a small steak on the charcoal grill that we’ll share, and maybe I’ll make a fruit salad. Doesn’t that sound tasty?

By the way, I’ve never stood naked on a stage in front of a crowd of people, but I understand it’s a type of dream many people experience. You know; being naked in a public place. I don’t know what the meaning of such dreams is, but I’m sure Sigmund Freud could explain if he were asked.

Okay, everyone, it’s almost shuffle-beer time, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Tuesday evening. If you live up North, I hear it’s getting very cold tonight, with lots of snow in the northeast, particularly. Stay warm up there.

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