GLBTQ boycott of 2014 Olympics in Russia. Here’s how you can get involved ….

gay prideHi, friends and readers:

I usually avoid discussing politics on this site; it’s not intended to take sides on the political issues of the day. But right now something terribly wrong is going on in Russia, where a person can be imprisoned if he is found to be encouraging homosexual behavior in Russia’s youth. (H-m-m-m, do you think that would include someone who operates a website where young gay men come for advice, and to voice their fears and concerns about their sexuality? U-h-h, I think so.)

Olympics boycottHave a look at the photo to the left. That’s a gay rights protester getting manhandled by the Russian police. If anyone thinks this is okay, allow me to say, “You’re freakin’ nuts.” The Russian government is a corrupt and repressive regime, where any dissent is quickly crushed.

Listen, I am not asking Olympic athletes to boycott the Games. These young people have worked so hard to get to the Games. We can’t ask them to quit now, and not compete. But I would certainly encourage all GLBTQ people to not watch the Games on TV, as our way of protesting the selection of Russia as the site for this year’s Winter Games. Bad TV ratings might make people ask themselves, “Couldn’t the IOC have located the Games in a country with more tolerant values?” I don’t know about you, but I won’t watch a minute of the Games.

If you want to get involved, here’s a Facebook page where folks can sign up and stay in touch with one another.

4 thoughts on “GLBTQ boycott of 2014 Olympics in Russia. Here’s how you can get involved ….

  1. I think not watching the games is the worst tactic possible. In fact, watch the games, put the spotlight on Russia. And watch as Billie Jean King and other gay athletes make a statement just by being there. Without forgetting, of course, the pro-gay athletes who will be wearing rainbow pins.

  2. Hi. I’m Russian and I’m gay. Unfortunately, our people and our government are very homophobic. But we are much better than in the Middle East.

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