Another sexy video clip: boys in love ….

lover boys #2Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone seemed to like the video clip I posted this morning, so I thought I’d share second clip from the same film. The guys are cute, and they clearly like each other. The clips have a very natural feel to them, unlike most porno videos with ultra-bright lighting and guys with lots of muscle. These boys are neither skinny twinks nor hunks’ they look like young men you might encounter on a college campus, or at a skatepark.

We had a great visit to the YMCA, and a fine lesson in pitching from our golf guru, Jeff. Okay, it was cold on the course, but we dressed warmly and things were fine. Pitching is probably the hardest shot in golf; it requires lots of practice and finesse. We both did pretty well today, and I am eager to play a round of golf soon, so we can try out what we learned.

In a few minutes, we’ll hop in the Element and drive into town, to drink a few beers with a friend. He’ll build a fire on his covered outdoor deck, using a portable fire pit. At some point, we’ll visit a restaurant or buy takeout for our dinner. It’s always a nice way to spend a weekday evening.

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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