The beautiful baseball player. He’s on the swim team too? I can’t stand it ….

Hi, friends and readers:

baseballer #5Last month, on December 23rd, I posted photos of a young man in his school’s baseball uniform, high school or college; I don’t know, along with a series of “selfies” he took in his bathroom and bedroom. Then yesterday I came across the photo to the left. It’s the same guy, but apparently he’s on his school’s swim team too.

I can’t stand it. How can someone so beautiful also be a talented athlete in not one, but two sports? I’ll bet he gets good grades in school as well. Do I sound jealous? Well, I am jealous. Who wouldn’t be? Anyway, if you want to see the earlier posts on this guy, here’s the link:

My visit with my friend took longer than expected — we had some issues to discuss regarding his future — and then I spent ninety minutes at the golf course, so I skipped the YMCA this afternoon and came home instead. It’s okay, I worked up a sweat at the course, and I came home tired. My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’ll dine by myself, and then we’ll see what the evening holds in store.

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

2 thoughts on “The beautiful baseball player. He’s on the swim team too? I can’t stand it ….

  1. Martin, You ROCK! I have been following your blog for a while now and I’ve seen the previous post of the baseball player. He is…… with out a doubt Aye-yi-yi. I think that we share some things in common with our taste. This post is absolutely awesome. I can’t stop looking at the picture. Where did you find these pics? Would you share the URL? or the full size picture.

    On another note, please continue the great good with your blog and novels. I absolutely enjoy them.


    • Hi Mark:

      Thanks for the kind words. As to the baseball player, I found his pics on various sites, not one he maintains himself. You may want to try an Instagram or Facebook search, I’m no too proficient with these things. Again, thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoy the site.


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