Two more clips, guys getting jiggy ….

lover boys #3Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, the boys kept going at it, long after the first two video clips ended. I’m sorry I can’t make these clips larger, but it’s not possible with .gif files, I’m told. It does seem each boy keeps losing clothing as the video progresses, and isn’t that a good thing?

Okay, we are home from our visit to the city. When you live on an island, even as close as we are to a populated area, it seems like an adventure when you leave.

lover boys #4I don’t think these two boys will wear clothing much longer, not the way things are going in this video. What happened to the kneeling boy’s beanie? I guess that was up to the director.

We had a great time tonight. The fire at my friend’s place was lovely; we kept warm as toast. Dinner tonight was pizza and tossed salad, really good stuff. It’s cold on the island tonight, but our HVAC system’s a good one, and we’re toasty in our little beach cottage.

Have a nice nice everyone. Stay warm.

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