Hot guys in Speedos; another chilly night on the island ….

Speedo red #3Hi, friends and readers:

It’s cold here tonight. What I’d give to attend a swim meet in a warm climate where the competitors wander about the pool in their Speedos. Don’t you think the guys in tonight’s photo posts look amazing in their suits? The boy to the left has a classic swimmer’s build: lanky, broad-shouldered, and smooth. Look at those legs. Aye-yi-yi; I wonder if he finished first in his race?

We’re home from our visit to the YMCA and a subsequent trip to the booze market to stock our cabinet for the weekend. In a little while we will visit the shore to watch sunset. Of course we’ll have to bundle up, but that’s okay. Sunsets this time of year are often spectacular sights on our island, when the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico and the clouds glow varying shades of pink, gold, orange, and green.

speedo at pool #3This second photo I posted once before, about two years ago. It was a huge hit, and I thought I’d share it again. How come the two guys to the right in the photo aren’t looking at the guy in his Speedo? They don’t know what they’re missing, do they? And exactly why is the young man in the Speedo grabbing himself like that? Who knows ….

My boyfriend’s going out with a friend tonight. I don’t do clubs; nightlife isn’t for me anymore. But my boyfriend’s younger than me, and I don’t mind if he’s out and about. That’s a young man’s thing, in my view.

I’ll stay here with my fireplace, music and a bottle of wine. I have a story to edit as well, so I’ll stay busy. Have a nice Friday night, friends, wherever you are. And stay warm if you’re in a place where it snows and the roads get icy. B-r-r-r-r.

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