Beautiful guys in black and white; a busy day for Martin draws to a close ….

bdsm #11Hi, friends and readers:

Nothing gets my attention more quickly than a good black-and-white photograph, and I think both pictures I’ve posted here tonight a very special in their own ways.

The photo to the left has hints of BDSM in it. The boy is naked in what looks like a dungeon. He’s seated in a chair that doesn’t look like it’s designed for comfort. It’s more like a piece of punishment equipment. The boy doesn’t look too happy, either. But it’s a powerful piece, and I wish knew who the photographer was.

It’s been an very busy day for me: running errands, visiting a friend in the nursing home, hitting golf balls at the driving range, and the swimming laps at the YMCA. Tonight, friends form the city invited me for a very nice dinner, a great way to cap off the day.

black and white beauty #7Do you like the photo to the left? I sure do. The young man is beautiful, of course, but I love the way he is posed and the expression on his face. He knows he’s good-looking, but he doesn’t exactly know what he wants from life. (“If a guy hits on me, how should I respond?”) I like the way his shirt is slit down the sides, so we get to see more of him. Yum-m-m-m.

I’m home now, and feeling a bit tired since I rose early today to walk on the beach.I’ll stay up for a little while, maybe edit my work-in-progress or read a little in bed, and then it’s off to dreamland.

I’m experiencing very heavy traffic on this site today. More and more people have discovered the site despite the new security measures were put in place last spring, after my site was hacked by Chinese miscreants. Thanks to everyone has stopped by today; I appreciate your visits.

Have a nice Saturday night, all.

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