More guys in ball caps; quiet night on the island ….

ball cap backward #6Hi, friends and readers:

The photos I posted this morning were a big hit, especially the guy lying on the bed, so I thought I would post two more “ball cap” photos this evening. Look at the smile on the young man to the left. Aye-yi-yi . . . .

Today has to be one of the ugliest weather days we’ve had in months. No sunshine, dampness and rain, chilly air. I’ve been cooped up in the house all day, feeling bored and also a bit crappy because I’ve developed a sinus infection. That means a trip to my doctor for antibiotics. Oh, boy. What fun . . . .

did manage to get a fair amount of writing done on my work-in-progress. The story continues to sort of “write itself”, as the saying goes. I have three strong characters who will each affect the story’s outcome in their own, unique ways.

ball cap #4Someone wrote me today to ask, “What book are you reading right now, Martin?”

U-m-m-m, it seems like I’ve been reading Michael Chabon’s new novel, Telegraph Avenue, for way too long. It’s a huge book, and one has to read it carefully to keep up with all the characters. I mean, there are about a dozen main characters in this novel, and Chabon insists we get inside the heads of all of them. Also, the story takes place in the Berkeley/Oakland, CA area. I’ve spent time there and I don’t find the locale all that interesting. And a big part of the book is about jazz music, which is not something I listen to. It’s just not my thing. But when I spent fifteen bucks on a book, I will finish it, in almost every instance.

My boyfriend’s home tonight, and we’ll spend a quiet evening sharing dinner and maybe watching a movie from our DVD collection. My sinus infection has drained much of my energy, so I’m not ready for anything too active tonight.

Have a good Sunday evening, everyone.

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