Cute guys playing music. Yet another gloomy day on the island ….

handsome #13Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve played acoustic guitar since I was in college. In fact, I used to perform in bars for tips when I attended law school; it was always fun. I admire young men with musical talent, and I thought you might enjoy the photos I have posted here this morning. I think the young man in the top photo is extraordinarily handsome. Would you agree?

I’m back from a visit to my doctor, who confirmed I have a sinus infection. Now I’ll be on a course of antibiotics for several days. What fun. I rarely get sick, so I tend to be a baby when I’m not well. I gripe about everything, and I don’t know how my boyfriend stands me.

Around five this morning I woke to the sound of rain pounding our roof. I went back to sleep until eight AM, when I rose. By then the rain ha stopped, but a thick blanket of fog lay over the Intracoastal Waterway. It look real spooky.

guitar #5The fog has lifted now, but the sky is cloudy, the air damp. This weather we are having is not typical for central Florida in January. But I guess I shouldn’t complain; I understand the low tonight in International Falls, MN will be minus thirty-three degrees F. Lovely, eh?

I’m not going to the gym today; I don’t have a whole lot of energy, and I need to take things easy for a few days. I’ll run a few errands, work on my new story, and maybe I’ll even play my guitar. It’s an Ovation Legend with beautiful tone, and maybe a little music-making is exactly what I need to cheer me up.

Have a nice Monday, friends. If you’re up north, please stay warm.


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