More boys playing guitars; quiet night on the island ….

guitar #6Hi, friends and readers:

A lot of people wrote me to say they liked the photos I posted yesterday, the ones where young men played musical instruments. So I’m offering up two more this evening, and there’s a reason.

My guitar-playing tends to run in streaks at this point in my life. For a while, I play every day. I’ll play at parties too. The, I don’t know, I kind of lose interest in playing. Then my interest re-kindles. I hadn’t played my guitar in two months or more, I’ll bet, and that’s a shame because I own such a wonderful guitar and it just sits there in its hard shell case.

Since I’m nursing a sinus infection, I can’t do much in the way of physical activity, so I spent an hour on my screened back porch this afternoon, strumming and singing some of my favorite songs. The sun was shining and my fountain was gurgling. It all felt great, and I have made a resolution to play more often in the months ahead.

guitar #4I haven’t been a total slug today. Around one P.M. I took a three-mile walk on the beach. Because the weather was perfect, the shore was packed with sun worshipers. Okay, I didn’t have a lot of energy, but finished the walk and felt a lot better afterward. Sadly, the weatherman says another cold front is one the way from the frozen north, and tomorrow night the thermometer will drop into the forties again. 🙁

I’ll spend a quiet evening by myself tonight. My boyfriend’s out of town and I need to rise extra early tomorrow. I’m having some structural work done on our house and the contractor’s arriving first thing in the morning. Oh, boy ….

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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