A funny little video. Nasty night on the island ….

dick'sHi, friends and readers:

I came across the video clip I’ve posted here tonight and I knew I needed to share it with you guys.

Dicks and BJs? Indeed ….

I think the guy in the hoodie’s pretty cute too. I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

Okay, it’s been a frustrating day for me. The carpenters failed to show today to perform the structural work on my house. All I got was an excuse about scheduling difficulties and delays. Well, that’s typical of the construction trades in Florida. You are lucky if they show up. Hopefully they’ll come tomorrow and we’ll get this project moving. Wish me luck.

hoodie pinkOkay, here’s another guy wearing a hoodie. Pretty cute, eh? I’m not a huge fan of guys wearing pink; but I’ll get over it.

I did manage to take a three-mile walk on the island today, but conditions weren’t very nice. I didn’t walk the shoreline– it was too cold and windy down there — but at least I got outside for some fresh air and exercise. I also finished revisions on a full-length novel I’ll have coming out in late 2015, maybe December. And I wrote a new scene in the short novel I’m working on.

It’s nasty outside tonight: quite cold (40’s), windy, and damp. I have the heat running, and in just a few minutes I’ll light the fireplace. I know it’s much colder in most parts of the eastern U.S., so I really can’t gripe. But Martin won’t take a moonlit walk on the shore tonight. 🙁

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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