Guys in hoodies; construction time at Martin’s house ….

hoodie #8Hi, friends and readers:

do own a couple of bomber-style jackets for cold weather, but most f the time they hang in my closet, as it rarely gets truly cold in central Florida. Most of the time during winter, all I need is a hoodie to keep me warm, so I own several. I’m a big fan of hoodies, and I think the guys in today’s photo posts look great in theirs. Would you agree?

I woke early this morning, and for good reason. Today a construction crew is scheduled to perform structural work on my house. I won’t go into detail, but this involves adding support to the roof of the building, and most of the work will take place inside. That’s a good thing because it’s damp and cold outside, and rain fell earlier. I was afraid the rain might delay progress because wood will have to be sawed on my outdoor patio, but the rain has quit now, so I think we’re good.

hoodie #7I have lived around construction projects all my adult life; it’s nothing new to me, but it’s always a pain in the butt. Between the noise of skill saws and nail guns, the sawdust and dirt, and the guys tromping through the house, it’s upsetting. Your privacy goes out the window too. Hopefully the project will only take two days, and then life can return to normal.

Unfortunately, I can’t go anywhere while the work’s getting done, so I am stuck here all day, except for maybe an hour when I can take my daily walk on the beach. I’ll read a book and work on my new story. I’ll work a crossword puzzle and take care of correspondence. All the while, the commotion will continue. What fun, what fun ….

Okay, everyone, I need to get busy with things, so I will wish all of you a wonderful Wednesday, wherever you might be today.


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