A boyfriend in your bed. Who could ask for more?

boyfriend in bed #19Hi, friends and readers:

I love it when some guy takes a photo of his boyfriend in the bed, and then posts it on the Internet. It’s like they are sharing their most private moments with the rest of us. Have a look at the top photo. Are those empty beer bottles in the bed with our boy? He certainly doesn’t look like he’s feeling any pain, does he? And I like the expression on his face. He looks like he’s saying, “Come back to bed, please.” Oh-h-h-h, yeah.

boyfriend in bed #20So, I’m up super early today, and feeling a lot better as my sinus infection subsides. Hopefully, the carpenters will show today, and we’ll get my project underway. I really don’t have any plans for today or tonight because, due to the antibiotics I am taking, I don’t have a whole lot of energy. I have a writing project to work on, and correspondence to take care of, so I’m not lacking for things to keep myself busy. Outside, it’s cold and damp, not good weather for a beach walk, but maybe I’ll get to the outdoors after things warm up this afternoon.

Have a nice Thursday, friends.


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